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nocturne in Eb by Chopin


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A thought for today...

Many brave ideas have been born of hope.

     Strength is the ability to restrain power.

Keep a smile for an umbrella and you will always have a mouthful
      of water.

         "Spock, I found that evil usually triumphs 
            unless good is very very careful"
                           Doctor McCoy -Star ship enterprise

Unless you are willing to try to improve your behavior,
         you will never succeed in improving your life or the lot
                          of those around you.

Pie in the sky may be pie in one's face.

The rose has thorns, the elephant tusks
The bullmoose horns, the skunk its musks.

It is a far cry different to plumb the depths than to drag anchor.

   A sphere is a completely bent object

The goal of Eugenics is a snot-free kid.

If you think that life is a game, be careful not to lose or break any of the pieces.

this is my repertoire


Sonate Pathetique Opus 13 Cmin/Eflat
Clarence"Pinetop" Smith
Scott Joplin

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math at Univ of Waterloo
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