Boyle's law=

Related to the Ideal Gas Equation which states that pv = nRT
Boyle's Law states that for a fixed mass (or fixed number of moles) 
of an ideal gas the product nR is constant and hence pV/T is 
constant also. If the temperatures are constant for the same 
mass of an ideal gas and pressures vary, and volumes vary, 
their relationship will be defined by Boyle's as 

p  x  v    =   p    x  v      = constant
 1     1         2       2

Robert Boyle made this discovery experimentally in 1690



Goodpasture's syndrome=
	6:1 predilection for young males
	hemoptysis and rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis
	acute renal failure
	caused by basement membrane antibodies
	hemoptysis due to pulmonary capillary basement membrane injury

Horner's syndrome=
	miosis, ptosis, and anhydrosis
	causes include cervical spondylosis, cluster headaches
	a cause of anisocoria

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