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The ACTS Network

Catholic titles reviewed

Autobiog. of B.T.Washington - U. of Ill. Historical Press

Catholic News


Freebooks-Christian Literary Resource

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg portal

Gerard Manley Hopkins links to Victorian Web

Jane E. Harrison -Themis

Joycean.org (Ulysses etc e-text)

James Joyce Portal (pdf files of FW)

Finnegan's Wake Interactive notebook

Reading Rat-what to read

Start of Finnegan's Wake

Cadbury's FW Hart Overtones


Milton's PL and other Classic texts

The Perseus Project

Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Lonergan at Boston College -link to Workshop journal

FOUNDATIONS OF PHILOSOPHY:Lonergan's Cognitional Theory and Epistemology TOC

Johnhurt.com Reference KJV et al.

Transforming Light Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem. From the shadows and image into the truth By Richard Liddy