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Hi how are ya?Welcome to ddx.htm (differential diagnosis web page)

This is a collaborative effort at building a large file of differential diagnosis and other associations in medical matters. The file is called alldiff. By downloading and decompressing the file named to a separate directory you will have several files that enable you to build and utilize your own alldiff file as a study tool. All you need is ms-dos. Be sure to read the brief readmedf.txt file for easy instructions. Then if anyone wants to e-mail me the alldiff file which they create I will gladly as time permits incorporate it into a "master alldiff" file and make it available on this page. The results will be a huge effort at a differential diagnosis, and associated info, file with a "find" command. Sorry but I cannot be responsible for anything that goes awry when you install or use this very simple program. It is a very simple batch file and never had a problem on several computers, but you might mess something up and it ain't my fault.

further directions

I have found that you may get a blank web page when you click on the site shown below; but if you then reload that page you will receive the file and a prompt as to where you want it to be saved. OR I would be happy to e-mail the few files that are needed.

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download this zipfile preferably to a separate directory : was zipped using pkzip version 2.04

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