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hi from all of us

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A watercolor of my wife Clarisse

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Pretty soon some of these images will be replaced by new ones in order to save space, download time etc. (Hi from us)

Grandfather Clarence Clemons

here we are in Cape Cod last summer

Here we are in our Groton Country Glen apartment

                  Quarter moon smiles on the earth beneath

                     With round grey beard

                     Coal black face

                          And shining white teeth.

                  Old moon grinning and to my surprise

                     In cloudless skies

                     There arise

                         Two stars for eyes.

                                      JF MD

                  I like uncertainty
                  It makes you strong
                  Living without guarantee
                  You want to live long.

                  In vague obscurity
                  That most assuredly
                  Is where our destiny
                  Will always be.

                                     JF MD



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