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here are a few of our latest pictures

hi from all of us

here we are in Cape Cod last summer

here we are in our apartment in Groton Ct.

  In spring quiescent trees don anew
  Their regular warm weather garb of green
  Those leaves of plenteous plants are true
  Extensions of a thought that's always been:
  For Life latent in the limbs lifts on high
  These spare expressions. Clever breeze-tossed frond
  Exclaims its meanings with a windy sigh
  To an observant universe beyond.
  Mute? not so, shrill words are clearly heard
  From the willow to the whitish birch
  By every passing animal and bird,
  By every cheerful child chanced to perch
  Amidst the bewildering scenario:
  Priceless promises which wait for a while and go. 
                          Joseph Ferrara M.D.

here are Angelo and Angela in a happy moment on our cape cod trip

below are recent pictures from our apartment in Groton


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