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here are a few of our latest pictures

hi from all of us

here we are in Cape Cod last summer

here we are in our apartment in Groton Ct.

The richest strains of music ever heard 

Are in a house devoted to God's Word.

Oh bright refrains whose tender tones are played

For the saving of my sinful soul that strayed. * Her gentle fingers deftly ply the frets

Of the violin and my heart forgets

Its troubles and its woes. With every chord

So vibrant there is peace. It is the Lord! * Oh song of strings or is it trumpet sound?

In my joy I cannot tell. I'm found

At last -a lost lamb I have been

But now I'm saved. The Lord can win * Salvation now for every soul. So pray

In thanks for the faith of Aunt Golda Mae.

and here is a larger version

Amy and Grant

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