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"You have to block everything out and be extremely focused and be relaxed and mellow too." --- Jennifer Capriati

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U. Penn Edu online books - connects to other sites

In the spring of 1871 a young man read 21 words that transformed his life. As a medical student in Canada, he was plagued by chronic worry and anxiety. But those 21 words empowered him to become the most prominent physician of his generation. His name was Sir William Osler, and under his leadership and inspiration Johns Hopkins School of Medicine was established. The words Osler read that spring are found in writings by Thomas Carlyle: "Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand."
Not to worry. Parachin, Victor M.. Vibrant Life07/17/92 Catholic Files (docs of Vat II)

Malaspina Great Books and Great Books Online Webring
Concordances of Great Books and Global Word Search- wow!
Admonitions of Ptahotep

Philosophy Pages of Garth Kemerling
Mark Twain in the New York Times
GreekHebrew interlinear + STRONGS
Bunyan's Advice to Sufferers
computer lingo dictionary of sorts
day of week formula
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Internet Public Library
Unive of Texas Map Collection
McMath Kit Peak Solar Telescope
Interesting Math Page
The Maxims of Napoleum and link to Napoleonic website
Douay Rheims Bible
Economic Indicator Site
Mary's Bread - feed the poor
Harrison's online
Bill's Home Page - links to scholarly works
Hofstra Math -good expositions particularly on trig functions
The Monkey's Paw (Jacobs
The Lanyer Page
Linux source pages

PSI trainer
Davis Planetarium of Baltimore with an excellent star map

Rick Scott Home Page:astrophotos

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stanford encyclo of philosophy: a "dynamic encyclopedia"
what the Belgian folks are doing

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Play chess against tkChess
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Pickover's Bible Site
adelaide u. australia etexts (moby dick)


Searchable Classic Books
Trollope, Anthony - Hundreds
of Searchable Classic Books

Take the "What kind of cone are you?" Test
created by sami Brown U. Scholar tech group- Bible Browser, Decameron in Ital. etc

Information Please, part of Learning Network

NIH Profiles

free text jnl of biochemistry
Menninger Institute-Dr. Bishop


sliderule on the web (needs Java)
Chris Dolan's Home page: has planet calendar generator and astro links
Hubble Heritage Home Page:numerous astronomy photos

Chris Dolan's constellation page: has astro links
science posters archived:has teaching slides
astronomical picture of the day: each day a new sky snapshot and prof essay
constellation of the month: each month a new constellation and lore
catalog of galaxies: plenty of galaxies
Views of the Solar System:photographs of nearby celestial objects such as Pluto and Charon
unofficial Pope John Paul II: links to some of his writings
pointing the way: guide to Christian lit on internet, Pascal,Kempis,etc.

Calculus Java

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