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CDC Emergent Infectious Disease Monthly

schemes for differential diagnosis

tactics earn md gertrude: a mnemonic for differential diagnosis
algorithms for EKG interpretation and ACLS
disease entities: emedicine : with ddx

link to medical topics

vitamins and their relation to health and disease: a discussion of vitamins and other odds and ends
meaning and mechanism of fever: an understanding of fever
abdominal aortic aneurysms: case studies and discussion
acute appendicitis: some notes
hyperlipidemia: links to American Heart Association
hepatitis page: from NIH
NYS Dept of health: contains short synopsis of reportable diseases
Meningitis Society of America: focussed information on meningitis threat
Children's medical Center Home Page: goes to some interesting materials
Cornell Hematopathology text: has a lot of anemia info
path notes on various fields of medicine: Cornell University Medical College
Pathology Database : Dr E.Friedlander
online mendelian inheritance in man: OMIM n.i.h.
CUMC Edcenter: case studies
med sci updates: Many articles on current topics


skills in ambulatory care: a brief rundown of the major points of the field
notes from ambulatory care: from Principles of Ambulatory Care Barker 3rd ed
internal med notes: currently inborn errors of metabolism
cough and respiratory: notes on respiratory problems and cough

vaguely related list of links

neuroguide: interesting includes microbiology
home of uncljoedoc: step in and chew the fat
treatment of Hypertension: ucsf TEACHING MODULE
compendium of didactic sites: Oregon Health Sciences University