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newslinks and computing

Nando: news items
uncljoedoc's home page: the welcome forMAT is always there
NASA Goddard space flight center: orbiting vehicle news
Pagewatch: notifies you of updates to registered pages

MasterChallenge and Biography dictionary

Hilink Times: gives local times for any sites
Christian Science Monitor:e-mail from around the world
Karon Ann's basic Html page: useful html information
reverse speech: a theory
Starting Point: search and web tools links
The Christian Science Monitor: has real audio and text
Puzzle Depot: a page devoted to puzzles
business cards, stationery free and otherwise: you can get stationery here
free web tools: includes banner makers
Figlet: let's you make ASCII banners
Comcast Online: good educational site
Messenger Inquirer: has appalachian news items
The National Enquirer: Online tabloid

Facade:Bibliomancy, I CHING

links to web page utilities

Website garage: 5 web page diagnostic tools and registry